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Korn Kollection

Top: Korn, Pic Disc (for promotional use only) Not sure if bootleg or legitimate copy of the album. Like all pic disc albums it sounds like shit.

1st Row: Korn, Bootleg copy on Green marbled vinyl.

2nd Row: Life Is Peachy, Simply Vinyl first press (silver label) on 180g vinyl. Housed in Custom Simply Vinyl PVC jacket. Missing inner sleeve that came with original… which I stupidly gave away when I purchased this copy.

3rd Row: Follow The Leader, first press on double vinyl, records housed in B&W picture sleeves.

4th Row: Issues, first press on double vinyl, records housed in B&W picture sleeves.

Bottom: Take A Look In The Mirror, first press on double vinyl. Records are housed in 1 B&W picture sleeve and 1 plain white sleeve. First time I’ve seen anything like this before.

Neil Young | Harvest

Top: Harvest, re-issue/remastered on 180g vinyl, housed in original recreation of the original sleeve, right down to the paper stock used. Very nice packaging, album sounds fantastic. Includes recreation of lyric sheet, and a hype flyer for Neil’s back catalog. LP housed in white sleeve lined with rice paper.

Bottom: Gatefold jacket.

The Cars

Top: The Cars, MoFI (silver label) re-issue on 180g vinyl, lp housed in MoFI custom rice paper sleeve inside cardboard wrap around, presented in thick gatefold jacket. #1132/3000

Bottom: Gatefold jacket

U2 | Achtung Baby Vinyl Box Set

Top: Achtung Baby, 2011 Limited edition box set. Album pressed on 2 180g vinyl records, housed in picture sleeves. Also included, a 12x12 album lyric booklet, 2 Remix lp’s on blue vinyl housed in custom picture sleeves, presented in a thick box with gold paper lining…. very nice.

Bottom: All 4 lp’s lined up, with box at back.

Nirvana Collection

Top: Bleach, Original Waterfront pressing on yellow vinyl. Only 500 pressed.

1st Row: Bleach, Back To Vinyl reissue on white vinyl, housed in pic sleeve with CD artwork.

2nd Row: Bleach, 20th Anniversary pressing. Pressed on 180g white vinyl, housed in gatefold jacket with photo booklet.

Nevermind Collection:

3rd Row: Hormoaning, RSD repress on red vinyl, includes Nevermind 20th Anniversary sticker.

4th Row: Incesticide, original first press, housed in picture sleeve.

5th Row: Incesticide, ORG reissue on black 180g vinyl, includes separate inner sleeve.

6th Row: in Utero, original US first pressing on clear vinyl, housed in pic sleeve.

7th Row: In Utero, Simply Vinyl 180g re-issue, housed in Simple Vinyl custom PVC jacket, includes lyric insert.

8th Row: In Utero, ORG re-issue on 180g yellow vinyl, includes lyric sheet and advert for Live & Reading.

9th Row: In Utero: 20th Anniversary (Coming Sep 2013)

10th Row: Unplugged In New York, 320 pressing, housed in pic sleeve.

11th Row: Unplugged In New York, Simply Vinyl 180g pressing, housed in Simply Vinyl PVC jacket, includes pic sleeve.

12th Row: From The Muddy Banks Of Wishkah, original first press on double vinyl, housed in pic sleeves.

Bottom: Nirvana, original first press on double vinyl. EU pressing with 16 tracks. Includes Silver embossed label on front cover and 4 page fold out booklet.

OFF! Live At 9:30 Club

Top - 3rd Row: OFF! Live at 9:30 Club: limited to 1000 copies, (250 of each colour shown). Housed in custom wrap-around sleeve.

Bottom: OFF! Live at 9:30 Club; limited run on Pink vinyl, (100 pressed)

Foo Fighters Collection

Top: Foo Fighters, first pressing, includes insert

2nd Row: The Color and The Shape, first pressing on double vinyl, housed in single jacket, no inner sleeve, lp’s held in clear bags, credits printed on back.

3rd Row: There’s Nothing Left to Lose, first pressing, single LP presented in gatefold sleeve, includes FF tattoo.

4th Row: There’s Nothing Left to Lose, Gatefold with FF tattoo.

5th Row: One By One, European 12” pressing, presented in gatefold jacket with inner sleeve. Not sure if bootleg as the original was a double 10” pressing, if you inlage the gatefold you will notice the bad pixelation of the heart drawing along with the text, also the band photo on the left is re-used for the inner sleeve, whereas the 10”lp’s where housed in white sleeves.

6th Row: In Your Honor, original pressing, embossed 4 x lp box with individual pic sleeves.

7th Row: In Your Honor, credit sheet (top) along with the 4 individual LP sleeves.

8th Row: Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace, original pressing on double vinyl, housed in thick gatefold jacket, LP’s housed in lyric inner sleeves.

9th Row: Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace, gatefold jacket.

10th Row: Wasting Light, original pressing on 2 180g lp’s, presented in gatefold jacket, with inner sleeves. Includes MP3 voucher. Still in it’s original shrink-wrap. Note: the lp’s are housed in separate white jackets along side the pictured ones.

Bottom: Medium Rare, RSD only pressing of cover songs, single LP, like Wasting Light, the LP is housed in a white paper sleeve along side the picture sleeve. Still in original shrink-wrap.

Alice In Chains | The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Top: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, 2 x 180g vinyl, presented in red gatefold jacket with lyric sheet.

2nd Row: Gatefold jacket

3rd Row: Pic Discs Side A and Side C

4th Row: Pic Discs Side B and Side D

Bottom: Back of lyric sheet

My full Alice In Chains Vinyl collection can be found here:

Mad Season | Above (2013 Record Store Day)

Top: RTI pressing, pressed on 2 180g records, housed in thick gatefold sleeve in custom PVC outer, still sealed. #0152/5000

2nd Row: Back cover with number stamp

3rd Row: Music On Vinyl pressing, same specs as above. Housed in custom MOV PVC outer. #3039/5000

4th Row: Gatefold Sleeve

5th Row: Number stamp on back cover

Bottom: Back cover